Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ok.... so here's Josh's work...

Here's a story about a lovely being who started on a long journey to make a single entity, using only materials that said "mom" would provide for him..... it's called a hat.

Josh has a passion for hats. So much so that hats are the ONLY thing that he has EVER made.

This hat, for example, is hat number....... 16, i think? mind you, he's been at this for over a year now. This picture was taken many months ago. He sat down on this very couch, cast on his usual stitches, and did not get up until the job was done.

He's very determined for a guy like him. He's 24, has 3 tattoos, a lip piercing, an earring, and for a while, long hair. You wouldn't look at him and immediately think "knitter". But I guess you wouldn't really think that of any man when you look at them. So yeah. When he came to me and asked if he could try knitting, I really was shocked. Probably more than I should've been.

As you can see, he enjoys it quite immensely.......

But on to the actual project..............

So he kept to his word and finished the project, as he does with most of his projects.....

The great thing about it is that at first, the boys and girls would always make fun of him being a knitter, but now-a-days, they love his hats so much, they either want him to make them one, or even some of the guys want to learn how to knit hats too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's a couple of dorky knitters!

This is me and Josh! HI! I thought you'd like to know the faces of your blogger... and yea, Josh did make that hat he's wearing. He was performing at El Corazon that night with his Christian rock band, resDeus. I LOVE taking the photos at the show. I took this one particularly. The one of me is when Josh and I were at his house, waiting to go to my youth group's Formal Dinner that they have every holiday. 'Twas a lot of fun, Josh sporting a plaid Jacket and jeans, I myself in the winning dress in episode 2 of season 4's Project Runway, which can be found at Steve and Barry's. But anyway, about knitting, right?
I started knitting not too long after my mom started. I saw her making her hats and scarves and was absolutely amazed at how awesome it was to balance loops of yarn on 2 "sticks" like that. So, lucky for me, I had someone to teach me everything as I went. Now my mother, who has her OWN blog,, knits regularly. She specializes these days in lace patterns, particularly with shawl-making. She is also planning on making me my wedding shawl. YAY! I shall keep up details on that.
My first project was this gray garter-stitch scarf, which is hilariously made. I remember that I started out with 15 stitches across, then by the middle I had 25 stitches, then I ended with 15 again. Now I've been getting into sweaters and hoodies. Once I get home (I'm at josh's), I'll post some pics of my previous works.
So there you have it. You know me now! At least a little...

Hey guys!

So This is my very first blog! YAY! well, just so you all get the idea of what this blog is to be about, let me give you the rundown... This... is a knitter's blog. yep. I've been inspired by both my mother who has a knitter's blog on here, and my new membership with So there you go!

This blog will consist of nothing except knitting projects done by me and my soon-to-be-husband, Josh ("the hat making man"). I've been knitting for about 4 years now, and Josh has been for 1 year. I must say that his curiosity really got to him one night when he was watching me knit a fingerless glove on double-pointed needles one night while watching an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", and from that point on, he was a part-time knitter, when he's not a rock star with his band resDeus.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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