Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Works in Progress.....

Ok, so a couple of nights ago, my mom and I decided that we were gonna go yarn shopping with my birthday money. So I had to pick a pattern for me(for once) that I could buy yummy yarn for. So I was up AAAAAAAALLLLLLL that night, littering the living room of our tiny 1-bedroom apartment with magazines, looking for just the right pattern. So FINALLY, after so many indecisions, I picked one pattern out of the pile:

This is pattern #2 in issue 36 of Rebecca Magazine........ I just realized that I really like the patterns out of this magazine. I made a lace hoodie out of their magazine not too long ago. My first attempt at lace, and pretty easy too.

Anyway, this is what I have on this "Mottled Olive Top":

I'm using Plymouth Yarn's Encore worsted weight yarn, and doubling 2 colors. It's turning out very pretty. I'm really liking it. I got 5 balls of each, which should be enough, and the value was 60 dollars, but the best thing about having my birthday so close to Christmas and New Years...... all the closeout sales and clearance sales! YAY! 25%off all my yarn! so I only paid approx. 40 bucks! So I got a bunch of yarn!

The extra 2 skeins of yarn you see there is undyed Cascade 220 I got for under 10 dollars! I'm excited! The new issue of Knit1 magazine has all these recipies on how to dye yarn naturally, like with blueberries, herbs, teas, and(what I'm gonna use, of course) coffee grounds! I'm so excited! I can't wait! I think I'll call this batch....... "Guatemala Bliss Yarn", or whatever kind of coffee I use from my store (did I mention I work for Starbucks? just clarifying so I don't sound crazy or something lol).

Well, enough blogging. I just got home from work and I'm CRAZY tired, but I wanted to share my thoughts before they left me in a dream....... That was a Disney line if I ever heard one.

Safe Knitting!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok, so about my wedding shawl...

So I totally forgot until I scrolled down just now that i have failed to keep up with the wedding shawl that my mom made for me. Well, the day before yesterday was my hubby's and my 6-month wedding anniversary, so it's a little late for the "in-progress" term. So I'll just show you some wedding photos and some honeymoon photos. Before we get to that, though, you should know that this shawl took from February till about a week before the wedding (June 28th), so here's the results:

Ok, those are some wedding photos, and these are definately some of the best shawl photos from the wedding. But we're not done, oh noooooo.... I got honeymoon too!

Well, there it is. The Shawl. Oh, and by the way, the beautiful beach in the honeymoon pics is in a tiny town called Yachats, OR. I hope you enjoyed the pics. Safe knitting!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm back! Finally!

So, I'm finally blogging again. FINALLY! With all the changes in my life this past year, I barely have time for anything! No worries, though... I always make time for my knitting. Well, today is my birthday (yay!) and my mom,, took my hubby and I out to breakfast and then took me to Borders where I got the one knitting book that I've been craving for AGES!!!!!

This book is ama-ziz-zing! absolutely one of the top books that I own! I'm so excited! I've already read the articles and patterns front to back. So exciting. Happy Birthday to me!
Anyway, so Christmas just passed last week, and to entertain myself on the days that the snow storm kept me from making coffee (I work at Starbucks), I knit till my hands cramped up, all presents for my co-workers; sad to say that some are getting late presents, but they're greatful just the same:)
Anyway, here's a couple of gifts I made:

Btw, these pairs of gloves are my first attempt at cable knitting, and it is awesome. I really enjoyed making these gloves, and they're so easy and warm too!I got the pattern (Cableback Fingerless Gloves) from Second Nature Design, and they're amazing!

I got this pattern in Rebecca Magazine, and I know the Melissa's gonna LOVE this top!

Anyway, I think that's enough blogging for right now, but I PROMISE that I'm gonna find time to do this alot more often. Till then, safe knitting!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My gift to her.....

I knew my great-grandmother, Erma Powell, for over 14 years. She was a fantastic human being. Even up till when she was 80-some years old, she would be dancing to good ole' "Go, Jonny, Go". She was an amazing woman that anyone would adore.

Anyway, to get to the point of this blog, she was a Knitter (capital K, as Stephanie Pearl would say), and when my sisters were born, she knit each of them special things (Corinne a sweater, Danielle a TON of booties), but when I was born, she didn't make anything...

She always felt bad about that. So later in life (I think I was 8 or 9), she still had that guilt pressed to her heart (while I was completely unaware of anything of the sort), so she started to knit me this sweater from the Mary Maxim catalog. Well, if you can see these pics, she got as far as the hearts, and even though her mind was "itching" to press forward, her hands were "aching" for her to stop. That was the last attempt she ever made to try to knit again.

Well, about 3 years after her passing, I was informed of all of this. And my mother also informed me that my mom recieved all of her knitting/yarn/anything related to the "cult", as my "non-conformed" friends would say. Well, I couldn't just let that go, now could I?! She had the pattern that my great-dear grandma tried to accomplish in her hands, and so I took it, went on the Mary Maxim website, bought the yarn that suited, and here it came!

......oh, and by the way, this is my first intarsia attempt EVER! I'm surprised it's going pretty well so far. lol I'm making it smaller than what she would've made it though, so when I have kids, they can have it at toddler/baby years (the time that they aren't able to say their opinions, cause most likely, by that time, I'm sure it'll be reeeeeeally outdated).

To conclude this blog, let me say that some of the best times were with my grandma. She was really good with kids. She knew how to make chores/water/veggies/anything into a fun time. She knew how to make me feel better when I was sick. She knew how to cheer me up when I was down. She was a giving person. She was a great role-model. Not until she was gone did I find out that she was a Knitter, but I hope that one day, especially when I have kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and the like, that I'll be known for the same great things that she was.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ok.... so here's Josh's work...

Here's a story about a lovely being who started on a long journey to make a single entity, using only materials that said "mom" would provide for him..... it's called a hat.

Josh has a passion for hats. So much so that hats are the ONLY thing that he has EVER made.

This hat, for example, is hat number....... 16, i think? mind you, he's been at this for over a year now. This picture was taken many months ago. He sat down on this very couch, cast on his usual stitches, and did not get up until the job was done.

He's very determined for a guy like him. He's 24, has 3 tattoos, a lip piercing, an earring, and for a while, long hair. You wouldn't look at him and immediately think "knitter". But I guess you wouldn't really think that of any man when you look at them. So yeah. When he came to me and asked if he could try knitting, I really was shocked. Probably more than I should've been.

As you can see, he enjoys it quite immensely.......

But on to the actual project..............

So he kept to his word and finished the project, as he does with most of his projects.....

The great thing about it is that at first, the boys and girls would always make fun of him being a knitter, but now-a-days, they love his hats so much, they either want him to make them one, or even some of the guys want to learn how to knit hats too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's a couple of dorky knitters!

This is me and Josh! HI! I thought you'd like to know the faces of your blogger... and yea, Josh did make that hat he's wearing. He was performing at El Corazon that night with his Christian rock band, resDeus. I LOVE taking the photos at the show. I took this one particularly. The one of me is when Josh and I were at his house, waiting to go to my youth group's Formal Dinner that they have every holiday. 'Twas a lot of fun, Josh sporting a plaid Jacket and jeans, I myself in the winning dress in episode 2 of season 4's Project Runway, which can be found at Steve and Barry's. But anyway, about knitting, right?
I started knitting not too long after my mom started. I saw her making her hats and scarves and was absolutely amazed at how awesome it was to balance loops of yarn on 2 "sticks" like that. So, lucky for me, I had someone to teach me everything as I went. Now my mother, who has her OWN blog,, knits regularly. She specializes these days in lace patterns, particularly with shawl-making. She is also planning on making me my wedding shawl. YAY! I shall keep up details on that.
My first project was this gray garter-stitch scarf, which is hilariously made. I remember that I started out with 15 stitches across, then by the middle I had 25 stitches, then I ended with 15 again. Now I've been getting into sweaters and hoodies. Once I get home (I'm at josh's), I'll post some pics of my previous works.
So there you have it. You know me now! At least a little...

Hey guys!

So This is my very first blog! YAY! well, just so you all get the idea of what this blog is to be about, let me give you the rundown... This... is a knitter's blog. yep. I've been inspired by both my mother who has a knitter's blog on here, and my new membership with So there you go!

This blog will consist of nothing except knitting projects done by me and my soon-to-be-husband, Josh ("the hat making man"). I've been knitting for about 4 years now, and Josh has been for 1 year. I must say that his curiosity really got to him one night when he was watching me knit a fingerless glove on double-pointed needles one night while watching an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", and from that point on, he was a part-time knitter, when he's not a rock star with his band resDeus.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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