Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok, so about my wedding shawl...

So I totally forgot until I scrolled down just now that i have failed to keep up with the wedding shawl that my mom made for me. Well, the day before yesterday was my hubby's and my 6-month wedding anniversary, so it's a little late for the "in-progress" term. So I'll just show you some wedding photos and some honeymoon photos. Before we get to that, though, you should know that this shawl took from February till about a week before the wedding (June 28th), so here's the results:

Ok, those are some wedding photos, and these are definately some of the best shawl photos from the wedding. But we're not done, oh noooooo.... I got honeymoon too!

Well, there it is. The Shawl. Oh, and by the way, the beautiful beach in the honeymoon pics is in a tiny town called Yachats, OR. I hope you enjoyed the pics. Safe knitting!


Big Daddy Dan said...

The place is pronounced YAH-HOTS. I know you want to call it yackits and I did for a long time until Lizzie corrected it.

JoshAndLizzieKnits said...

lol thanks Dad