Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Works in Progress.....

Ok, so a couple of nights ago, my mom and I decided that we were gonna go yarn shopping with my birthday money. So I had to pick a pattern for me(for once) that I could buy yummy yarn for. So I was up AAAAAAAALLLLLLL that night, littering the living room of our tiny 1-bedroom apartment with magazines, looking for just the right pattern. So FINALLY, after so many indecisions, I picked one pattern out of the pile:

This is pattern #2 in issue 36 of Rebecca Magazine........ I just realized that I really like the patterns out of this magazine. I made a lace hoodie out of their magazine not too long ago. My first attempt at lace, and pretty easy too.

Anyway, this is what I have on this "Mottled Olive Top":

I'm using Plymouth Yarn's Encore worsted weight yarn, and doubling 2 colors. It's turning out very pretty. I'm really liking it. I got 5 balls of each, which should be enough, and the value was 60 dollars, but the best thing about having my birthday so close to Christmas and New Years...... all the closeout sales and clearance sales! YAY! 25%off all my yarn! so I only paid approx. 40 bucks! So I got a bunch of yarn!

The extra 2 skeins of yarn you see there is undyed Cascade 220 I got for under 10 dollars! I'm excited! The new issue of Knit1 magazine has all these recipies on how to dye yarn naturally, like with blueberries, herbs, teas, and(what I'm gonna use, of course) coffee grounds! I'm so excited! I can't wait! I think I'll call this batch....... "Guatemala Bliss Yarn", or whatever kind of coffee I use from my store (did I mention I work for Starbucks? just clarifying so I don't sound crazy or something lol).

Well, enough blogging. I just got home from work and I'm CRAZY tired, but I wanted to share my thoughts before they left me in a dream....... That was a Disney line if I ever heard one.

Safe Knitting!


Renée said...

Nice beginning to your sweater. I love the colors. And I must say, what a great alternative use for coffee beans. Yarn and coffee are always a perfect combo, on any day.

JoshAndLizzieKnits said...

lol I agree.