Friday, January 9, 2009

Field Trip!!!

I'm so happy! Mom and I just went on a field trip out of nowhere and went to my favorite yarn shop ever!!! It's called Acorn St. Yarn and Needlework in Seattle. Yay!!!

I LOVE this shop! It's right downtown by the college up here, and it has SOOOOOOO MUCH YARN!!! Shelf upon shelf upon basket upon shelf! Crazy amount! EVERYTHING! We were in there for a while too. Here's mom's fun findings:

And here's mine:

I'm so happy! I saw this yarn and I fell in LOVE with it! same with the buttons! There are 4 buttons altogether. I think I'm gonna use both of these and find a cool pattern for a cowl. I've been wanting to make a really cool cowl, since I have so many scarves, and I think that these are just the right things to make it! Oh! And here's a felted fish we saw in the window lol:

Fun times! Next time we'll bring Josh with us, and I promise I won't forget the camera...

Safe knitting!


Big Daddy Dan said...

Don't go Josh!!! It's a trick and you have no idea what that will do to you....unless your hungry and you can go to the nice little hamburger shop down at the end of the road while they shop. I guarantee you will not spend as much as they do.

JoshAndLizzieKnits said...

you forgot to warn him not to throw away his hamburger wrapper in the recycle bin like a CERTAIN big daddy did.... lol jk dad!